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Mission Animal Clinic strives to provide high quality, comprehensive veterinary care to our patients, along with the best possible client service and education at fair and affordable prices. We hope our website will be helpful to you in accessing any information you would like to know about our veterinary clinic.

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As an added bonus, clients who have e-mail addresses on file with us also have access to our “Petwise” service. Through Petwise, you can have...

  • Pet Profiles – keep a profile of all of your pet’s ‘statistics’ and review vaccination and medication records online
  • Mobile Apps – send appointment and refill requests online, as well as manage your pet’s health information while on the go
  • E-mail reminders – we will notify you of your pet’s health needs – when exams are due, when vaccinations are due, lab tests needed, etc.
  • E-mail newsletters to let you know about important updates or services available to help keep your pet as healthy as we can.

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Now, and until 12/31/14, when you purchase 12 doses of HEARTGARD brand products (monthly heartworm preventative) AND 6 doses of FRONTLINE or NEXGARD (montly flea/tick preventative), you will receive a $50 mail-in rebate from Merial.

To receive this special offer, your pet must have had a negative heartworm antigen blood test within the last 12 months.   Also, payment in full is required for these products at the time of purchase at Mission Animal Clinic.

Be sure to take advantage of this special offer to save money on your heartworm, flea, and tick prevention for your pets, and most importantly to help protect your pets from the illnesses and discomfort associated with heartworm, flea, or tick infestation.


Heartworm Awareness Month

Heartworms are always in season.  April is 'Heartworm Awareness Month'.  The American Heatworm Society reminds us that dogs and cats should be on heartworm preventative medication year round.

Heartworm Disease in Dogs:

  • Dogs are considered the definitve host for heartworms.  When a mosquito carrying infective heartworm larvae bites a dog and transmits the infection, the larvae grow, develop, and migrate in the body.  The now adult worms will reside in the heart, lungs, and associated blood vessels.  The onset and severity of the disease is mainly a reflection of the number of adult heartworms present, the age of the infection, and the level of activity of the dog; the higher number of worms present, the more severe the disease.  Signs and symptoms include cough, exercise intolerance, abnormal lung sounds, enlarged liver, fainting, excess fluid build-up, abnormal heart sounds, and even death.  Diagnosis is typically done through antigen and antibody blood tests.  While there are treatments available for dogs with heartworms, it can be extremely painful and expensive.  Therefore, prevention is the best medicine.

Heartworm Disease in Cats:

  • Unfortunately, cats can get heartworm disease too.  If you live in an area where heartworm infection is prevalent in dogs, your cat is also at risk.  Preventing your cat from getting heartworms is a far better choice than dealing with it once the disease has occurred.  Why?  There is no approved treatment for feline heartworm disease, and it can be fatal.  Symptoms are nothing like those experienced in dogs; the lungs rather than the heart are most affected in cats.  Therefore, cats are often misdiagnosed with asthma or bronchitis.  Once infected, veterinarians can only provide supportive therapy to minimize wheezing and coughing symptoms.  Because there is no approved or recommended treatment for feline heartworm infection, prevention is the best medicine.

**Adapted from the American Heartworm Society



  • Bayer Advantage, Canine Advantix II, and Advantage-Multi - buy 6, receive 2 free
  • Frontline - buy 6, receive 2 free, OR buy 3 receive 1 free
  • Cat Revolution - buy 6, receive 2 free, OR buy 9 receive 3 free
  • Heartgard Plus – buy 12 doses and get $12 back by mail

Note: to receive promotional pricing and free products, payment must be made in full for products at time of purchase


Don’t Forget Preventive Care for Your Pets

Please remember preventive care can be the best medicine for your pets. Annual exams, vaccines, heartworm prevention, & flea and tick prevention are among the essentials of keeping our four-legged family members healthy. We are working hard to keep our expenses as low as we can so we can continue to provide affordable care for your pets in 2014.


Please note, if you would like to request an appointment, a medication refill, or food purchase, you may send us an e-mail at requests@missionanimalclinic.com.  Please be sure to give a phone number where you can be reached or if you would prefer an e-mail reply to your request.   When requesting an appointment, let us know  your doctor preference, the reason for the appointment, and a date and time (as well as an alternative time if your first choice is not available).  We will reply to your requests within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends.


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